Going Steady Or Should You Play The Field?

Quite often, we get the feeling that many company’s interactions with us are quite similar to dating.

As we all now know, we live in a world where a date is at your fingertips via apps like Tinder. It’s just the same with logistics. Those darn sites that go around comparing and contrasting pricing makes life so much more difficult for companies who like to develop relationships.

Aw………….. relationships. So which option is best for your business? On the plus side for a long-term relationship is that when things go wrong, you’ll have a single point of contact, someone who will understand your business, and can sort things out for you quick smart. In addition, your account manager will know the type of stock you will be having freighted, so can ensure that their teams are appropriately prepared, and can also help you to seek strategies that will help you take any unnecessary costs out of each job. Can you imagine if you were moving an air compressor from site to site, and it gets damaged, because your company doesn’t understand how to handle these pieces of equipment. This is much less likely if you develop a relationship.

Meanwhile, on the other side is ‘dating’, or switching freight companies from job to job. Sure, this may support the price conscious person, but can you imagine how much extra time it will take your despatch team trying to find the best deal. Then they need to book it in, and then your accounts team has to process several additional invoices at the end of the month. Not fun at all! In addition, because there is no consistency in use, there is unlikely to be any rewards for you which would possibly come up for being loyal to a regular company. It sounds all so stressful. Lastly, if you do have fragile equipment, will you feel all that much so more nervous if someone new showed up to site instead of your regular driver who you’ve known for 10 years. We know who we would choose!

In short, you have lots of choices – short term financial gain, or the simplicity, and likely similar pricing of a long relationship. The choice isn’t clear cut – we wish you the best of luck in making it!